Timișoara, România, Leuven, Belgium, July 2023 La Orizont & Skyline Drones, the premier suppliers of state-of-the-art equipment and expert drone aerial scanning services in Romania, are thrilled to announce their collaboration with Sitemark in the domain of analysis and inspection for photovoltaic parks.

Sitemark is a Belgian software company which provides software solutions and services that streamline and optimize the engineering, construction and operation of solar sites. With a presence in more than 65 countries around the world, their exceptional solutions increase productivity and mitigate risks.

Being one of the world’s most respected AI-powered aerial data platform for operators of solar, construction and mining sites, Sitemark provides its customers with excellent technology for creating visibility into what is happening onsite including a full range of analysis of asset’s digital twin.

The partnership between Skyline Drones and La Orizont with Sitemark will revolutionize aerial data analytics in Romania. By combining Sitemark’s expertise with Skyline Drones and La Orizont’s market leadership, clients will benefit from increased productivity and reduced risks in the renewable energy sector, propelling business growth and success.

La Orizont & Skyline Drones are the market leader in Romania in aerial scanning, crop monitoring, implementation of the latest solutions in aerial inspections and innovative technologies, as an integral part of precision agriculture, with an impressive portfolio of products brought to the Romanian market. Their areas of expertise include: agriculture, oil & gas, wind farms, photovoltaic parks, telecommunications towers, overhead power lines, extraction quarries, real estate.

photovoltaic panel park partner

About Sitemark

Founded in 2016, Sitemark pioneered the use of drones and aerial data in the solar and construction industry to provide new insights that could not be gathered from the ground. By combining our experience in both industries, we introduced the concept of a digital twin across the entire lifecycle of a solar site, from engineering to construction and onwards to operations.

Today, in more than 65 countries, the world’s leading renewable energy companies rely on Sitemark to increase productivity and mitigate risks.

Sitemark is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium with a diverse and passionate team.

For more information about Sitemark please visit https://www.sitemark.com/.

About La Orizont / Skyline Drones

La Orizont is accredited distributor for Quantum Systems, YellowScan, PhaseOne, DJI, Emlid, PIX4D, and many others and exclusive distributor of Trinity F90+ and LiDAR solutions from YellowScan, as well as PIX4D catch and viDoc RTK. It is a market leader in Romania in aerial scanning, crop monitoring, implementation of the latest solutions in aerial inspections and innovative technologies, as an integrated part of Precision Agriculture.

Together with Skyline Drones, the two are the main suppliers of equipment and professional drone aerial scanning services in Romania. The 7 teams provide national and regional coverage in Eastern Europe, with completed projects in Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Kosovo.

For more information about La Orizont / Skyline Drones visit: www.laorizont.ro/ and www.skylinedrones.ro/.