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Confined Spaces

Hard-to-reach areas made accessible

In Confined Spaces domain, workers operate in enclosed areas like tanks, tunnels, or storage bins. Challenges include limited entry/exit, poor ventilation, and hazards such as toxic gases or low oxygen levels.

Skyline Drones provides professional confined space drone services, streamlining inspections and monitoring environmental conditions to ensure a safer working environment.

Drones’s benefits in the Confined Spaces field

Inspect inaccessible places

Access sewer sections via manholes, ensuring inspectors gather visual data unhindered by constraints.

Improve inspection capabilities

We carry out regular inspections to identify potential issues and address them as part of routine maintenance.

Collect high quality visual data

Our team offers high quality visual data with 0 human life at risk and visual inspections are all performed from a safe distance

Highly Increased Productivity

Perform remote analysis and evaluation of hard-to-reach confined structures, such as boilers or wind turbine blades.

Services we offer for Confined spaces field

Elios 2 drone performing sewer inspection

Sewer inspection

Efficient, safe sewer infrastructure assessments with advanced drones. Comprehensive inspections, high-resolution imagery capture, actionable insights for proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime.

Drone performing oil tank inspection

Oil tank inspection

Our team uses specialized drones to capture high-resolution images and videos of internal and external tank surfaces, identifying potential issues like corrosion, leaks, and damage in oil tank inspections.

Wind Turbine

wind turbine inspection

From detecting defects to assessing structural integrity, our drone inspections help us deliver reliable solutions that optimize asset performance and ensure the longevity of wind energy infrastructure.

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