In the context of the continuous evolution of surveying technology, the collaboration between Phase One, Quantum Systems and Trimble has resulted in a revolutionary solution that redefines aerial surveying. Central to this innovation is the Phase One P5 RGB camera, integrated with Quantum Systems’ outstanding Trinity Pro mapping drone and Trimble’s industry-leading Trimble Business Center software.

Phase One P5: a camera with resolution precision

The Phase One P5 Payload stands out as a revolutionary 128MP medium format camera, offering much more than just image capture. Built specifically for drone aerial surveying, it features a compact and lightweight design – less than 700g, perfect for portable UAVs and user-friendly. Its 128-megapixel resolution provides unprecedented detail and clarity in topography data, as can be seen in the following image.

Key Features of Phase One P5:

  1. Accuracy and precision: Achieve exceptional results with an absolute accuracy of up to 0.3/0.8 cm RMS XY/Z*, setting new standards for aerial surveying.
  2. Meticulous Calibration: Careful calibration eliminates pixel distortion, ensuring accuracy in data without compromising speed. The P5 offers 100% accurate capture timestamping with mid-exposure trigger.
  3. The right lens for your task: Choose between 35mm and 80mm lenses for maximum coverage, achieving exceptional accuracy of 0.5cm.
  4. Electronic Global Shutter: The electronic global shutter ensures high performance in all conditions, delivering blur-free images for unmatched data quality.

Trinity Pro from Quantum Systems: A superlative drone

Trinity Pro from Quantum Systems is a reliable and easy-to-use mapping solution designed to adapt to changing requirements. Its performance parameters (including 90 minutes of flight time) combined with ease of operation and unbeatable return on investment make the Trinity Pro an ideal mapping drone for the professional user.

Key features of Trinity Pro:

  1. Performance and reliability: Trinity Pro integrates the latest technology, including the new Quantum-Skynode autopilot and Linux mission computer, bringing increased computing power, storage and improved connectivity.
  2. Time efficiency: With a coverage area of ​​700 h and a maximum flight altitude of 5500 m, the Trinity Pro allows the inspection of large areas in record time.
  3. Seamless integration: The Phase One P5 camera integrates seamlessly with the Trinity Pro drone, providing accuracy, high detail and efficiency.

Trimble Business Center: The software that turns data into easy-to-analyze information

Trimble Business Center (TBC) software is software that provides support from the moment of data acquisition in the field, to the end of the project. It transforms field data from various sources, including drones, into high-quality, actionable and deliverable information for customers. You can get an idea of ​​the complexity of the software by watching the video below:

A collaboration that is changing the surveying drone industry

The collaboration between Phase One, Quantum Systems and Trimble has resulted in a top-of-the-line surveying UAV solution that is more than perfect for the construction and surveying industry. This collaboration addresses industry challenges by providing a comprehensive solution that improves efficiency, accuracy and productivity: the Trinity Pro drone along with the Survey P5 payload and Trimble Business Center (TBC) data processing software.

Robert Leake, Global Sales Manager at Quantum Systems, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration, stating:

We are proud to present a pioneering solution that not only solves the deep challenges of the surveying and construction industry, but also sets new standards in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

At Quantum Systems, we strive to push the boundaries and truly make the best possible drone for the market. But for us to really push the boundaries in this way, we also need to work with the best payload producers. We know that the Phase One name has a fantastic reputation, it is the gold standard for many of our customers, particularly in the surveying industry.

In conclusion, the Trinity Pro drone with Phase One P5 integrated camera, supported by advanced Trimble software, represents a revolutionary leap in aerial surveying. This collaboration opens up new horizons for surveying professionals, ushering in a new era of efficiency and precision in the industry.

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