Each day, drone technology is proving itself to be an essential component in precision agriculture.

Not only because of its efficiency in terms of time & cost reduction, but also because of the growing variety of applications and high-quality & accurate results.

Key factors:

  • High-quality and reliable data
  • Efficiency and consistent results
  • Flexibility.

Skyline Drones is proud to be a part of the Commercial UAV Conference taking place during The Amsterdam Drone Week (29-31 March).

Represented by our CEO and Founder, Ciprian Iorga, as one of the 150 speakers, we will share our insight and expertise regarding the use of drones in Precision Agriculture., alongside Bogdan Chirvăsuță, Digital Agronomist Europe at Corteva Agriscience

Our company was born out of a desire to push the boundaries of drone technology and the idea of an autonomous future. We continue to look for innovation, test new ideas and are always open to new challenges to outgrow the limitations of traditional methods.

Skyline Drones offers a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Standard Count
  • Pest analysis
  • Weed analysis
  • Plant disease analysis
  • Plant stress analysis
  • Variable application rate (VAR)
  • Water stress analysis
  • Plant population
  • Estimation of flowering
  • Eagle Eye Report
  • Elevation profile

Join us for an interesting use case, on how drone acquired imagery can help detect invasive sunflower, on Thursday 31 March at 14:20 | Precision Agriculture & Forestry Panel.

To increase the purity of sunflower seed production, all invasive sunflower volunteers, that show up in the surrounding crops, must be removed in a timely matter.

Sunflower volunteers act as a weed in other base crops (wheat, soybean, oilseed rape etc.) and can cause significant losses if not removed or if done so too late.

When traditional methods are not efficient, drones can be integrated in the detection process and can provide relevant data, regarding spread and location.

The flight was done using the Trinity F90+ by Quantum-Systems, a fixed-wing VTOL solution that captures more data in less time, with the possibility of mapping up to 1,000 ha per day in it’s 90+ minute flight time. Also, data accuracy is increased with the PPK feature.

With the resulting GPS coordinates of the invasive sunflower volunteers, farmers can take proper action only in the affected areas, significantly reducing the long man-hours and manual labour.

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