State of the art industrial drones and special lenses makes it possible to detect structural inconsistencies in wind turbine blades and serve as a guide during maintenance, reducing downtime, saving considerable costs and increasing personnel safety.

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by using state of the art industrial drones and not endangering personnel during scaffolding inspection


by being able to locate in great detail surface impacts, cracks and leading-edge erosion with high resolution sensors


by greatly reducing man hours and costs with fast & effective industrial drone inspections

Drone inspection of Wind Turbines

Non-destructive techniques during the inspection of the blades

How are we collecting the data?

1. Data collection

When inspecting wind turbines, our certified team comprised of a pilot and an observer, use drones equipped with a digital camera, a thermographic camera, or a combination of both, depending on the scope of the inspection.

A digital camera provides visual failures and damages of the tower, rotor blades, and bolt joinings.

The advanced thermographic inspection is a non-contact non-destructive inspection method that can detect surface temperature, delamination, and internal composite layers separating beneath the blade surface.

Benefits of infrared thermographic inspections:

  • Non-contact and non-destructive inspection methods

  • Temperature detection on large areas, detection of hidden defects and failures

  • Examination and observation of inaccessible and dangerous areas

  • Examination for abnormalities, erosion, and corrosion

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Drone Pilots
2. Data analysis

During the aerial inspection, the pilot operates the drone and camera to specific points and different angles of the wind turbine and its components like nacelle, rotor blades, or bolt joining. The data captured reveal damages to the wind turbine structure and ensures that repairs are carried out in time.

3. Reporting

After the inspection, the most important matter is the report produced base on the analysis of the collected data taken by the drone. Based on the analysis, the data is divided into 3 categories according to the damage: red, yellow, green. The report includes a service plan with maintenance recommendations, having a great impact on cost-saving.

wind turbine drone inspection

A full inspection is performed in a matter if hours

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