VR 360°

Digital cameras with high resolution imagery, high accuracy, and fast capture speed for professional 3D capture of indoor and outdoor spaces.


where you can make measurements, add tags with explanatory texts, links, and videos, generate 4K print-quality photos & videos, share with collaborators


by using a LIDAR-based camera with the most accurate 3D depth data for architecture, construction, engineer professionals and insurance industries who need high accuracy and image resolution


by offering sharp professional grade image resolution @134 MP combined with the 3D depth data of all objects

We can bring ground data into virtual-reality

3D Space scanning for Construction Industry

For any construction project, documentation is a critical part. At important milestones, it is important to verify how the construction is being performed and if the standards are according to the design.

Verification based on good documentation lowers the amount of work due to human error, especially once the building is complete and it comes to maintenance.

Why use virtual-reality for your business?

Using our virtual-reality service, you can later review documentation to find critical maintenance information, saving time and money for the building owner and operator.

Construction 3D Space from Matterport
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We have the ideal solution

Using our 3D Scanning solution for construction documentation, you can benefit from the immersive and interactive 3D experience that’s easier to manage than thousands of 2D photos.

Key features

Key features for the construction industry include:

  • Tagging the 3D Space to create visual punch lists and operation manuals, meaning that you can add a short description to specific points and an external link for more information

  • Link to specific spots in the 3D space, that reduces time to resolution by communicating easily to stakeholders exactly where the issue is

  • Export point clouds, floor plans, and reflected ceiling plans to CAD/BIM programs such as AutoCAD and Revit

  • Take precise measurements and dimensions with 99% accuracy

Make measurements and dimensions on the 3D space with 99% percent accuracy

Not only allows you to view existing conditions easily, but it can improve facilities management and design. Using our 3D scanning solution you can eliminate hand-drawn sketches and reduce the time it takes to deliver floor plans

Tag the 3D Space to create visual punch lists and operation manuals

Our solution offers you the ability to create equipment inventory at your hand, using tags to label equipment with digital tags to document repairs, maintenance, or training information. It’s easy to share with your maintenance personnel.

Using digital tags tool to document repairs, maintenance, training information, various forms of media can be placed in the precise spot where viewers will find relevant content.

Link to specific spots in the 3D Space

Another advantage is that you can improve collaboration between distant teams from anywhere in the world. Not only that your communication will be improved with visualization when discussing existing projects on site, but you will improve efficiency in the inspection and the decision-making process.

New employees can receive safety training and inductions in a virtual environment. A 3D walkthrough improves training for your employees. Benefits: interactive learning, site-specific training, inductions, anytime access