How to register a drone in România

In the following article we will follow the procedures and required documents for registering a drone in România and flying in a legal manner.


Currently, to fly under legal conditions in România it is necessary to go through a series of steps, however, the legislation on drones is not very well developed and you may encounter certain barriers in your work over time.

Table of contents

Drone categories:

First and foremost, if your drone weighs more than 500g at takeoff you will need to apply for it. Registration will be requested from AACR (Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority) and will cost 90 euros (plus VAT). The application will be made on the basis of the forms on the official AACR website.
If a registration certificate is not issued, the air code provides for the imprisonment from three months to one year (or a fine of 20,000 and 35,000 lei).

Currently, your drone can fall into 3 categories:

  • The most common category is between 500g and 15kg where only the drone registration at AACR is required.
  • If your drone weighs more than 15 kg at take-off (but less than 150 kg), you will need, in addition to the registration of the drone, a flight permit, which comes with a price of around 540 euros (plus VAT).
  • If your drone has a take-off weight of more than 20 kg, you will also need third party damage insurance.

Required documents:

To begin the drone registration procedure you will need to prepare the following:

  • Invoice – to prove the acquisition of the drone
  • A series of photos with the drone
  • Identity document of the drone operator
  • Certificate of registration (if the drone is purchased by the company)
  • Proof that the registration fee of 90 euros has been paid
  • Form DN-219 completed

Final Procedure:

After the preparation of all the necessary items they will be sent to the AACR either by post or courier, personally given at the headquarters if you live in Bucharest or scanned and sent to the address After the end of the processing period of the the request you will be contacted by an AACR operator to request you at the registration office. At present, there are no branches in the country so you and the drone will have to show up at the official headquarters in Bucharest (we recommend you to transport the drone without batteries and other accessories). If you will not be able to fly yourself you will need to empower someone.

A chip will be attached to a spot that will not obstruct the smooth operation of the drone and the YRD-xxxx registration data will be pasted on it, here you will receive information about the flight announcement procedure and any other questions you may have, feel free to ask questions!