Skylinedrones solution for wind turbines on and offshore inspections

A wind turbine also referred as a wind energy converter is a device that converts wind into electrical energy.

Wind energy is becoming one of the most used sources of renewable energy and as it grows in popularity, new investors are entering this type of industry in order to reduce fossil fuels.

It is known that wind energy has “lowest relative greenhouse gas emissions, the least water consumption demands and… the most favourable social impacts” compared to photovoltaic, hydro, geothermal, coal and gas.”

Wind turbine inspection - Skylinedrones

Wind turbines inspection

Wind turbines and its rotor blades are heavily exposed to weather like rain, snow, hail, salt or dust and this is not all what wind turbines components must endure. While most turbines are generating energy in a best scenario about 98% of the time, they need regular maintenance to stay reliable and available.

Using drones to inspect wind farms makes possible to detect structural defects of wind turbines and its rotor blades, being more cost effective and increasing safety.

The advantages of using drones for visual inspection of wind turbines and its rotor blades are the following:

Digital, thermal or infrared wind turbine inspection

Drones can be equipped with a digital or thermographic camera while inspecting the wind turbines, depending on the task inspection.

While the digital camera can offer images of the damages spotted on the wind turbine and its components, a thermographic inspection can examine large area of components, such as the blade where can be spotted structural defects or weakness in the blade. Using this method, the drone camera monitors variations of temperature on the scanned surface.

This technology makes possible to detect structural defects in wind turbines and its rotor blades saving considerable time and costs, while increasing safety.

We are commited in using drones to inspect wind turbines.

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